About Us

Island Rich Entertainment Ltd is a music company dedicated to creating a solid international platform for Caribbean artists.

Our Aim
To grow and distribute a catalog of Caribbean influenced global hits. We are currently invested in the upstream aspect of Music and Artist development and production to present quality and representative music to the world at large. Our products and services range from music creation (songwriting and production) and sale, artist development and packaging, vocal development and placement (background vocals, advertising).

Island Rich Entertainment is committed to creating a new era of sound by mingling the essence of the soul and culture of the Caribbean with the flavor of the international market. We are committed to creating a major regional platform for global reach that is exclusive to Caribbean born and bred natives, who have a hunger for creative musical expression and the ability to captivate an international audience.IRE will incorporate all genres of music within the Caribbean to be developed and aligned to the international market without restriction, limit or preference.

To deliver quality and representative Caribbean music worthy of Global placement and international reach to be aligned and compete with mainstream international artists on all international platforms.To become a globally renowned platform for access to fresh, authentic Caribbean infused music.

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