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“I do not have a backup plan. Music is my life!” declares the young, energetic Terell "Quazaè" Williams a 19 year old who is passionate about his decision to make music his career. From his first experience on stage in 2012 when he copped the first place position at the Cunupia Police Youth Club Competition, to his first composition written in 2015,  he has excelled and continues on that trend to excellence thus creating a significant repertoire. The naturally gifted performer, Quazaè easily won many more titles in various competitions as well as entertained many an audience at events throughout his beautiful island home, Trinidad and Tobago.

He is currently signed to Island Rich Entertainment Ltd, who has been diligently working with him in the area of song writing skills development and vocal training.  Quazaè has a bold, confident, unshakeable passion for his craft and a polished velvety tone and with his witty lyrical style, Quazaè will become unstoppable! When Quazaè plays his guitar to create soulful spins to his renditions, he is likened to entertainers such as the legendary “Bob Marley” . This talented musician an songwriter's  goal is to become the best in his field and a force to be reckoned with. Look out world, here comes Terell 'Quazaè' Williams!

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